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When you get a professional pressure washing service provider on your property there are all kinds of little extra services that they can perform for you.

Pressure Washing Has Many Applications

Yes, you probably know that they clean driveways, but what about cleaning that car or truck of yours that had spray paint graffiti applied to it in a downtown parking lot? Low-pressure washing can remove that graffiti so easily and all without denting or damaging your vehicle. And while they’re at it, they can power wash those rims and get them as clean as new.

We know that our highly trained power washing technicians can clean your concrete patio in no time at all, but consider that for just a little extra fee, they could also use low pressure to clean all of your patio furniture and outdoor rugs. Do you have hanging canvas curtains outdoors to shade your patio? Call and find out how much they would charge to power wash them sparkling clean for you. Imagine not having to take them down and lug them to a laundromat’s large commercial washer. What a time saver it would be for you to have not only have your patio cleaned, but having all items on and around your patio completely cleaned as well.

Power Washing Services for Windows and Screens

Have you ever looked out one of your windows and noticed all the dust and dirt that is on the outside sill? How about the piles of sand or dirt that gets between your screen and window? When you get our power washing services providers out to clean your windows, they can also clean your screens as well as those dirty sills. For those of you with shutters on either side of your windows, imagine being able to get behind those shutters as well as have each louver completely cleaned.

Do you have a she-shed or tool shed in the backyard? Just because it sits by itself in the backyard, doesn’t mean that it can’t be as clean and appealing as your newly power washed house. Ask our technicians how much they would charge to clean all four sides and the roof of your shed so that its stays in as good condition as your clean home does.

A Package Deal for Your Whole House

If you plan ahead, when our technicians come to clean the outside of your home and garage, ask them what it would take to power wash your garage floor. Getting rid of grease stains and all the spills and stains on a garage floor can really make a garage look terrific. All you have to do is remove stuff from the floor – but this is a great way to do a spring cleaning of your garage.

Consider that our power washing services provides clean commercial buildings and property. Anything that is on your property like a stored boat or play equipment would be simple for them to clean for you when they are there to clean other things like driveways or patios. Swing sets and jungle gyms can easily be cleaned, as well as powering off the green sludge from the bottom of your boat or your boat cover.

What Else Needs a Good Cleaning

Do you have a camper that has been sitting under a tree and has black mold and mildew stains dripping from the roof and down the sides of the RV? Ask our technicians to give you a free estimate on what it would take to get it all cleaned up – plus the stained concrete pad it is sitting on.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a boat house, or a pool house/cabana that is open on one or two sides. Consider having the interior as well as exterior walls pressure washed with low pressure and some solvents. Not only will the bugs and spiders disappear, but any mold or mildew that might have formed from that more humid environment can also be cleaned away quickly and easily.

Wash the Fence? You Bet!

Do you have a picket fence that needs a fresh coat of paint to replace the peeling paint? Get a quote from one of our technicians on how much it would cost for them to pressure wash all the dirt and old, peeling paint from that fence so that when it is dry it is a snap for you to freshly paint!

Is your fountain or are your large planters dirty and water stained? It only takes a few moments for our pressure washing service providers to get that water scale removed and having your fountain or ceramic planters looking like new.

Call Now for power washing services

No matter what is on your property, if it is dirty, has mold and mildew, peeling paint, sprayed paint, water scale and scum, it can be cleaned with gentle but effective water pressure and carefully chosen soaps and mildewcides. Think outside the box of your home! When our power washing service providers come to clean your home’s exterior, be sure to ask them what kind of deal they can give you to clean some of the other dirty items on your property.

It really is possible to clean up your act – and all for package pricing. Give our pressure washing service providers a call today to find out just how affordable and fast it can be for them to clean more than just the outside of your house. Call today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what can be done for you.

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