Pressure Washing Residential Homes

No matter what part of the country you live in – humid south, dry southwest or tree covered northern areas- your house and roof are going to get dirty. I mean, after all, the exterior of your house is outdoors!

What Is On Your House?

Mr. Dirt BlasterYou may think that it’s just dirt that’s on your house and that a gentle wash with a hose is going to see it all obligingly wash off, but in reality, there is mold, mildew, sap, pollens, air borne toxins and even chemicals that glue themselves to your home’s exterior.

Sun and shade play a big part in moss, mold and mildew. Mold and mildew growth – those spreading and darkening black and green patches – are started by the dampness of shade trees, sprinklers, shady northern sides of homes and then incubated by the warm air of spring and summer days.

Mold spores in the air as well as overhanging trees and even large shrubs and tall grasses all add their own stains and marks. Sap is sticky and pollen and dust in the air create a mess that needs more than just a hose washing.

Mud splashed from flower beds, lawn clippings that beat up against your home every time you mow, all contribute their own strokes of color along the foundation of your home. Then, add in windstorms, dust and dirt clouds from unpaved roads, floods, tropical storms, snow piled up and your home’s siding, brick or stone really needs help.

DIY Can Be Dangerous

Yes, you can buy a little pressure washing machine and attempt to clean your home and roof yourself, but we really don’t recommend it. Wrestling with long hoses (that have pressure kickback!) on tall ladders is a sure-fire recipe for falling and seriously hurting yourself. Plus, that high pressure can force itself under your siding and inside your windows and cause you all kinds of grief.

We Know How To Pressure Wash the Right Way

Mr. Dirt BlasterWhat we do recommend is that you call in a professional power washing service. Nothing beats professional, commercial equipment and trained technicians that have years of experience in using it. They know the right pressure to use in each situation – and all without causing damage or risking their safety.

Our pressure washing technicians don’t work from ladders! Our equipment sprays up onto second story walls and lays down specially formulated soaps that kill mold and mildew and loosen dirt from siding, stone and brick. This safe formulation can soak into the mold and mildew and a second pass with the low-pressure wand removes the first layer of dirt plus any mildew stains. This second pass also lays on more of the solution and again, it’s allowed to soak into the stains and dirt to completely loosen it.

A final pass of the low-pressure wand rinses off the last of any dirt or stains that were on your home. Note that this low-pressure will not get under siding (which can cause more mold) and it will not get inside your windows ruining drapery, furniture and floors inside your home. This low-pressure power washing will also not peel paint or gouge wood window frames, stone or brick grout or door trim.

Your Roof Gets Dirty As Well

Mr. Dirt BlasterIf your roof is stained and dirty, our trained technicians work as a team. One goes on the roof with a low-pressure wand and lays down the specially formulated cleaning solution. This solution has been thickened so that it does not run right off the roof, but is able to soak into, kill and remove the problems that most roofs have: dark mold and mildew stains. 

We always place a freshwater hose in the gutter so that as the solution is rinsed away from the roof, the solution is diluted as it goes down the downspout and onto your property. The other team member is on the ground with a hose and is keeping your grass, shrubs and flowers wet so that any solution will not dry on your landscaping. Even though this solution is tough enough to kill mold and mildew, it is safe and toxin-free, but our technicians just don’t want it to dry on your plants.

Get Your Windows Pressure Washed At the Same Time

Our pressure washing technicians can also clean your windows while they are doing all sides of your home. Again, they use low-pressure wands that will not force water inside your home, and this low pressure spray of filtered water leaves a totally clean, as well as spot and streak-free surface.

Other Services We Offer

Any of the services can be done individually, but be sure to ask about package pricing so that you can get everything done at one time. Why have clean siding and a dirty roof and windows? Why not get it all done at the same, time and while you are at it, be sure to find out how much lower your pricing can be if you also have them power wash your driveway and walkways at the same time.Mr. Dirt Blaster A job that would require you to have ladders, buy or rent equipment, figure out soaps and solvents and take hours and hours of work can be done quickly, easily and affordably by the experienced technicians in our pressure washing company. We are well-known for our customer service and would be pleased for you to call and ask any questions that you may have. Call today and get a free, no obligation quote for individual power washing projects such as patios, driveways and fences – or learn about package pricing for multiple projects. Call today.

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