Pressure Washing Parking Lots

Don’t Force Customers to Experience Unpleasant Situations

power washing gas stationIf your business is a parking lot, or your brick and mortar business includes a parking lot, you’ll want to know just what a professional power and pressure washing service can do for you.

We’ve all been in a dirty parking lot. We’ve pulled into a parking space and opened our car door to see the gooey remains of a spilled soft drink, ice cream cone or vomit.

We’ve all encountered ‘gifts’ left by dogs (and now, even humans), as well as trying to step over the puddle of leaked coolant or glob of sputum.

The above is not pleasant to write about, but it’s even less pleasant to encounter it in a parking lot – your parking lot.

Whether you own or oversee a parking lot, you need to know that keeping it clean is critically important for sanitation as well as the impression that customers will get of your business.

No longer do you have to wait for the expensive re-surfacing of your whole parking lot for it to look clean and new – now you can have it power washed.

No Parking Lot is Too Big or Too Small

power washing commercial parking lotYou may have a grocery store or office parking lot. Or, you may oversee a mall or restaurant parking lot. Or, you might have a single, small business parking lot that only accommodates a dozen or less cars. You could own or manage an industrial complex or a commercial retail complex or a government building. No matter the size, your parking lot can be power washed back to almost new condition.

If your parking lots is extremely large, our pressure washing company can work after hours/cordon off sections of your lot and not disturb much of your traffic.

If your lot is small, we can work out a time to do the whole space when there is no traffic needing to park.

Either way, we can pressure wash your parking lot with the least interference to your business.

Our Equipment

We have trucks that contain water so we can hook our hoses and equipment directly to our own water source.  Our cleaning equipment is large and commercial strength, allowing us to cover a great expanse at a fairly fast pace.

Our Method

power washing a parking lotWe not only supply our own water in tank trucks, but we also have the capability to suck up the dirty water and with the aid of a special filter and reclaim the water for further use.

We work in sections and clean especially dirty areas with commercial-strength solvents and soaps. Once an area has been cleaned, we then rinse it thoroughly before moving on to the next area that needs cleaning.

What Else We Clean

Most parking lots contain other items such as light poles, dumpsters, concrete parking barriers and even kiosks to collect money. We make sure to power wash all of these surfaces as we move through your space.

No matter the surface, our pressure washing technicians can adjust the psi (power per square inch) to affect the most thorough cleaning. This way, nothing is left dirty, sticky or grimy in your whole area.

We Work With You

We realize that parking lots being unavailable due to cleaning can affect your business, so we work with you to schedule off-times, or slow traffic times. As noted, we can cordon off areas and work with small spaces at a time if needed.

Keep It Clean

If your parking lot regularly needs power washing, we can arrange special pricing for monthly or bi-monthly cleanings.

We can also arrange package pricing that could include the exterior of your business, your windows or even your signage.

Give us a call to find out just how affordable it can be to keep your parking lot clean and attractive.

Call today. We’re happy to answer any question that you may have.

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