Pressure Washing For Commercial Properties

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Business Property

pressure washing gas station walkwayDepending on where you live, your commercial building and property can be dirty from trees, mold, mildew, dirt, mud, toxins, oil, gasoline, food, drink and even pet, animal and human ‘gifts’.

You know that when sidewalks are sticky from food, parking lots are greasy with oil and walls of buildings are covered in mold or graffiti, that people’s impressions of your business are not positive.

Just in case you ever wondered about whether or not power and pressure washing would work for your business building and property, here are some of the things that can be cleaned that you need to know about, so that you can consistently present a more appealing look to your customers and clients.

Commercial Bathrooms

power washing commercial sidewalk areaWe all know the difference between a clean gas station bathroom and a dirty one. We’ve all been in both. Many bathrooms can be maintained for months by regular janitorial services, but when your commercial bathroom is showing its age (and dirt), you’ll want to consider a more powerful way to clean once every six months or yearly.

Whether you own a gasoline station or a restaurant, an office building or an auditorium, bathroom floors, tile and grout can all highly benefit from the clean that only pressure washing with hot water can achieve. Older floors and grout where the dirt has been ground in for years, can be transformed by water under pressure – something that mere mops and human elbow grease alone cannot achieve!

With the aid of long hoses and tanks of water that are mounted on pressure washing trucks, floors inside buildings can be reached and the water can be sucked up by special hoses and taken back to the truck where it is filtered for further use. Safe soaps and solvents are used that clean deeply and are applied in extremely dirty situations. Otherwise, the pressure and heated water alone can completely and deeply clean tile walls, cubicle walls and floors with old, ground in dirt and grime.

Garbage Pads And Areas

pressure washing commercial parking lotYou don’t have to own a restaurant to know how dirty dumpster areas can get. Broken garbage bags, food containers and spilled liquids can quickly pollute the ground attracting animals and leaving a sticky and smelly mess. We’ve all walked by those dumpsters and seen and smelled what the ground and walls around them are like.

Pressure washing service trucks can drive right up to these areas and literally within a few minutes can have the whole area power washed down, and all the water squeegeed and sometimes even vacuumed up.

If you’re dealing with a really bad odor from a dumpster on your property, consider having the dumpster itself pressure washed inside and out!

Parking Garages

pressure washing commecial propertyAbove ground or below, parking garage floors and walls can really get to be an oily, muddy mess. Cars drive in with slush, salt and sand on their tires, or drop clumps of mud on the floor. Then, there are the dropped ice cream cones that merge with the oil stains from the leaking car and of course, the ever present effervescent stains of soda and beer spills.

While you’re at it, consider pressure washing the stairwell walls and steps of every level of your garage as months of feet walking in and out of these areas can make them really grimy. Not to mention the graffiti that can adorn the walls!

Again, the trucks can come to your facility. Cordon off certain areas to parking and let our highly trained power washing service providers’ thoroughly clean one area at a time. Including graffiti. Their trucks can pull right in and with water tanks right on the trucks and with long hoses that can reach really far plus vacuums to remove the dirty water, they can make an old garage look new which is much more appealing to customers.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are subject to the weather as well as human spills, and tree and animal droppings. Cars leave tire marks and oil stains, mold and mildew and just plain dirt can make parking spaces and concrete dividers very dirty.

Our pressure washing service trucks can pull right into your parking lot and very quickly clean every single inch of the property. Smells, grease, oil, food, droppings and mold and mildew can all be eradicated, leaving your property looking newer and well cared for.


Commercial buildings inside and roofs and walls outside, need to be cleaned, just like the same areas on a residential home. Weather and the elements all ‘rain down’ on a commercial roof and can eventually cause a roof to deteriorate. It is far more cost effective to have a commercial roof and walls power cleaned than it is to replace it, or pay for leaks to be fixed.

Mold and mildew can eat into roof surfaces. Getting the mold and mildew removed with special solvents and mildewcides can keep a roof going for years. Our pressure washing service providers can be called in once a year to thoroughly clean all the areas of a roof including some roof equipment, to keep it functioning at its best.

Sometimes our power washer providers can tap into water spigots on a building’s roof, while at other times, while they are in a lift that elevates them to clean the outside of buildings, they can access tall walls or a roof then. When you call for service, be sure to ask about package deals that do your parking spaces, the exterior of your building and your roof – all at the same time for a reduced price.


If your signage is dirty, get it pressure washed. Someone may have spray painted some of your signs. Again, graffiti can be easily removed from signs by power washing rather than trying to cover it with paint

The signage above your door needs to stay clean also. Keeping it clean actually makes it more easily readable from a distance. Signage is easily included when the outside of your commercial building is being cleaned.

Building Exteriors

The equipment of our pressure washing contractors is able to clean multi story buildings very quickly. If your building is covered in green or black mold and mildew stains, rivers of dirt that have spilled over from the roof and are staining the exterior walls of your building, then call our power washing service providers to come give you a quote for how long it would take and how much it would cost to get you’re the exterior looking like new.

You might not be aware, but not only do dirty exterior walls turn people away, but the surface of your building is being eaten away and degraded. Keeping a building’s exterior clean helps to preserve the building and prevent problems. A clean surface lengthens the time between painting and needing repairs. Keeping the exterior of your building clean costs you less in the long run.

If someone has sprayed graffiti on your building, give us a call right away. We can remove graffiti with pressure washing, but the less time the paint has to set up, the better.


You may think that if our pressure washing service providers can remove graffiti paint from a building or wall that your expensive murals may also get removed it they get cleaned with a power washer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our technicians know just the right pressure to use and how long for the nozzle to remain in one area so that your murals get clean, but do not get removed. Keeping murals clean keeps the colors bright and actually keeps the painted surface in better condition.

Windows And Glass Doors

Whether you own an office building or a retail store, the windows and glass doors need to be clean for people outside as well as inside. If you have a multi-story building or large expanses of window walls, having them pressure washed is the fastest and most thorough way to get the glass clean. It really does surpass hand washing as power washing does not leaves streaks!

Curbs, Sidewalks And Pathways

Black car tire marks, spilled food and drink and just common dirt can all make the sidewalks and curbs in front of your business look in really bad shape. It is one thing to keep the sidewalk swept of trash, but it is another to have the concrete totally clean and stain and mark free. Our pressure washing teams can clean the whole area in front of your building giving an immaculate impression.

If your buildings are in a complex with pathways and landscaping, the water from sprinkling systems along with the sunshine and shade can create mold and mildew stains. Hoses that the landscapers use are not sufficient to clean this mold that is growing in the crevices of the concrete. It takes pressure and mildewcides to eradicate and prevent the fast growth of mold.

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No matter your cleaning need, whether it’s a roof, bathroom floor, parking spaces or windows, all of your commercial cleaning needs can be quickly and simply accomplished with power washing. Give us a call. Let us know how we can help you with package pricing and fast service. Do you have an emergency? We can be there to remove graffiti, mud, large food spills, etc. Our quotes are free and you are under no obligation, so call today to find out just how affordable and fast our pressure washing service providers are. Call today for a free quote.

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