Pressure Washing Wood Surfaces

Dirt And Mildew Are As Natural As Wood

pressure washing wood deck furnitureAs natural as wood may be, so is dirt and mold and mildew. Yes, even that beautiful wood deck that you put in two or three years ago is going to start showing its age. Other than rainfall and snow melt off, you have to remember that your deck seldom gets washed (unlike your kitchen floor), and that it’s moist and then in sunshine which can cause mold and mildew growth.

Add in muddy paw prints, kid’s Kool Aid (plus the adult version which is red wine) that got spilled, the grease from the barbeque, and the Play Doh or chocolate cake that got smashed into the surface and you’ve got a dirty deck. The handrails are dirty, the steps and beams need attention also – and you’re overwhelmed.

Power Washing Wood May Look Easy, But It May Not Be

pressure washing wood deck chairYou’ve watched the YouTubes on applying a deck cleaner. Then you’ve watched how to pressure wash and how not to pressure wash. You’re wondering exactly which pressure washer to purchase to use on wood, and how to use it so you won’t damage your wood and then have to replace it!

Then you learned that you’ve got to let all the wood dry for forty-eight hours after it’s been pressure washed. Then, an especially depressing YouTube, shows that you’ve got to get on your hands and knees and sand off all the rough, raised wood grain as well as the all the various parts of your wood decking, handrail and steps that are still stained with mold, mildew… and wine.

Yet another YouTube video informs you that you have to get on your hands and knees – yet again – and very meticulously paint on more wood stain if your stain is faded and let that toxic, smelly product dry for an additional twelve hours.

Finally, you discover that you must get back on your hands and knees and carefully apply wood sealer with a paint brush to every inch of your wood deck and all of its adjoining wooden parts. Then, it will take another 12-48 hours of drying time, before you can put your piled up deck furniture and grill back up on the deck.

Missing Out On Summer Fun Because Of Cleaning Chores?

Now that most of your summer is over and your knees are bruised and have splinters in them, and your patience has worn more thinly than your old stain, you might want to consider that you could have a professional come in and quickly take care of all of these chores with their commercial power equipment.

Do you have a wooden fence? Has the sprinkler caused arcs of water spots? Have the flying clippings from the lawn mower turned the bottom edge of your wood fencing green? Of course, the overhanging trees have contributed their green and black hue to the wood as well. Then, the sun has faded the stain and the wood grain is rough and dry.

pressure washing wood fence before and afterThe YouTubes describing the nightmare of cleaning your fence are just about as appalling as cleaning your whole deck. Except that a lot of the instructions ask you to gently hand-SCRUB each board on your fence with a wood cleaner and then to let that soak in, but keep it wet. Then, comes the terror of power washing each board and slat in the fence and hoping that you won’t chip, dent and even crack the fence boards with too much pressure. Too little pressure and of course, you’ll stand there for hours and the wood won’t come clean.

Then, there is the 48 hour drying time, sanding, re-staining and last but not least, the application of wood sealer. How many feet of fencing have you got? Is it on all three sides or even all four sides of your home? Again, this type of project could take forever plus cost you in equipment, solvents, stain, sealer and yes, even sandpaper.

Now, let’s add in your wooden pergola! How about the wood siding on your home? How about a wooden boat dock? Do you have wooden steps that go all the way to a second floor and meet up with another wooden deck? In other words, if you only have one small deck, you might be able to manage cleaning it before the summer is over completely, but if you’ve got more wood than that that needs attention, then you’re definitely going to want the services of a professional.

Our professional pressure washing service providers have the commercial grade, heavy-duty equipment plus the know-how and years of experience, to make tough wood cleaning jobs look simple. These jobs are not simple, but being prepared and trained, can make all the difference in whether you’re on your hands and splintered knees most of the summer, or sitting on a beautifully cleaned, stained and sealed wood deck, with your family and guests for the summer.

Pressure washing is an art plus a trained profession. Because of our massive experience, our technicians can assess the type of wood you have, it’s condition, and the depth of dirt and stains. They know how to gauge the water pressure, how and when to apply chemicals and can sand, stain and apply sealer quickly and thoroughly. They can do decks, fences, wooden stairways and even wood siding in a matter of a few days.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Can you do the job and handle the equipment as well as a professional that does this every day? Do you know about psi and chemicals and types of sealers? Consider that you’ll be on your hands and knees for hours. You’ll be inhaling toxic stain and sealant fumes and you will have spent all of your free time working on all the steps it takes to get your wood the way it needs to be… rather than relaxing and enjoying the beautiful, finished product.

With professional equipment, power washing time could be cut more than in half from how long it would take you to set up, adjust psi, and clean with a smaller nozzle. With the more expansive nozzles and spray power of a professional power washing service provider, wood cleaners and all the application and soaking time can be vastly reduced also.

Returning in forty-eight hours after a power washing, a professional pressure washing service provider can then use large, commercial grade sanders to sand in minutes where it would take you hours. With special nozzles and just the right psi, a professional can spray stain as well as sealant in a matter of an hour, where again, it would take you a day or more to do it all by hand.

Another difference is that professionals are not going to damage your property, landscaping or the wood that they are cleaning and treating, whereas, in your inexperience with equipment, you’re likely to experience problems with crazing, dents, cracks and chips.

Look very closely at the square footage and all the nooks and crannies of your project. Then, assess how long you think it will take you and add in a few days for good measure. Learning curves take time. Researching equipment, solvents, cleaners, stains and sealants takes time. Cleanup, hooking up equipment, storing equipment and cleaning yourself up… all takes time. Again, what is your time worth? Most people who have attempted cleaning, staining and sealing their wood don’t want to do it – ever again.

A Local Business Dedicated to Meeting & Exceeding Your Power Washing Needs

Our power washing crews are well-known for their customer service and stellar results. In just a few days, all the wood that you own on your property can be completely cleaned, sanded, stained and sealed and all while you sit and enjoy the show from a lounger.

We’re happy to answer your questions and even discuss package pricing. If something else on your property needs cleaning, let us give you a price reduction to take care of it for you while we are there. Keeping your property, concrete, home siding, wooden decks and fencing all clean help to preserve your greatest asset: your home and property.

Call in the professionals to get professional results. Call our experienced and trained power washing experts today. Your knees… Heck, your whole body, will thank you for it.

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