Pressure Washing Concrete

Why Pressure Wash Concrete?

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing concreteMost homes have quite a bit of concrete around them. There are of course, driveways, but there are also patios, sidewalks and even gutters and curbs that often edge your lawn, driveway and property. All concrete gets dirty. Yes, actual dirt, but don’t forget the mold, mildew, sap, tire marks, gasoline, oil, and even paint that might get spilled.

Nothing looks better than brand new concrete around your home. Sparkling, almost blinding white concrete without a flaw or blemish. Then, the inevitable passage of time leaves its marks: dark stains, grime, water spots, chewing gum, oil, mildew, and ‘presents’ from birds and animals.

So, you know that after a year or two (hopefully not more than that), that your concrete needs cleaning, right? What are you to do? When you assess the amount of concrete you have and how dirty it is, do you want to attempt cleaning it yourself? With a power washing wand? Yes, one of those teeny, tiny nozzles that you need to hold about 2 inches from the concrete and that leaves ‘wavy’ lines of clean and dirty – where your hand was not steady because your arm was getting tired.

Pressure Washing Is Really Not DIY

Well, I’m here to tell you that you really, really don’t want to do the wand! Not only will it look absolutely wavy-lined horrible by the time that you’ve finished, but, to be honest, it might take you till next year to actually finish! A one-inch line at a time is what you can achieve with a wand, so when you look around you at what now appears to be acres of concrete, how much time do you think that you will have to dedicate to your project before you finish? A week? Ten days? Come up with a number of days, and then double it.

Yes, you forget that you need to set up your equipment, hook up hoses, power wash an inch at a time and then, before you get too far, you need to rinse the dirt and grime away. Then, for bad stains, you need to pull out your array of household chemicals and spend another hour attacking that one big stain that the wand just won’t touch.

Why You Should Hire A Pressure Washing Service

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing concreteOK, I hope I’ve convinced you to hire this mammoth job out to a professional. Not only can we do what appears to be acres and acres of concrete, in a matter of a few hours, but we have the equipment and experience to get it almost that blinding white again.

No wavy lines of dirt, no mocking oil stains that you couldn’t get up, even that lime green paint from your kid’s third grade project can finally be a thing of the past. Finally!

So what makes a professional so special? Our technicians have hands on experience with literally hundreds of driveways, acres of patios and pathways as well as miles of sidewalk and curb. Add in the best of the best in heavy-duty, commercial grade equipment that can cover about a two by two foot width at a time, along with special chemicals if needed, and you’ll have a first class, ‘gotta call them right now’ AHA moment!

Concrete is porous and it will soak up spills, stains and over time, will happily hide more and more dirt and grime in all its little and big cracks and crevices. Wimpy, ‘over the counter’ measures and equipment are just not going to cut it. Professionals like us, have commercial-grade surface cleaning equipment that makes the online/homeowner variety look like the weakling on the beach, compared to the weight lifter.

When we’re doing miles and acres of concrete, we need equipment that’s not going to break down, is going to deep clean, is tough enough to do thousands of jobs and will take all kinds of abuse. This is the kind of equipment that you want to clean your concrete. Because this equipment has a larger footprint than what is available to you, and it cleans faster – even though the technician is moving the machine a lot slower than you would. The sheer size of our surface cleaner and the amount of concrete it can clean in one sweep allows us to actually move the machine more slowly, which results in a cleaner surface. And yet, even moving more slowly, we can clean your concrete faster than you can.

Professionals and our professional equipment make it look so easy! There is however, finesse in knowing what to do, how long to spend doing it, and when you need the help of chemicals. Our concrete cleaning teams are the best! We’ll come out to your property and within a matter of an hour or two, will have the average size driveway, patios, sidewalks and curbs sparkling clean again.

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing concrete drivewaysOur power washing professionals use a commercial grade surface cleaner. It is about 2 feet in diameter and so it covers a lot more concrete than a wand. This surface cleaner does not splash water and dirt around, but rather contains it.  These professional cleaning machines use nine gallons a minute at 3,000 PSI which gets hard to clean concrete just about good as new.

As mentioned before, the technician can walk very slowly which allows the concrete to get very clean, and yet, because of the size of the surface cleaner, the job can be finished much more quickly (and thoroughly) than a wand or a homeowner variety surface cleaner. The technician keeps a smooth and steady pace and slightly overlaps each pass. This not only cleans the concrete thoroughly, but evenly. You will never see ‘wavy lines’, or demarcation lines of any kind, with this method.

Frankly, most people, once they’ve attempted, (and often failed) to clean their own concrete and the insidious stains in and on it, finally realize that all the sweat, physical labor, expense, frustration and storage of equipment they’ll only use once a year or two… Is just not worth it. Why end up with an OK result and an aching back, when you can have WOW and all from the comfort of your recliner?

Concrete Is A Specific Type Of Surface​

As noted, concrete is porous and will absorb whatever you spill or drip on it. There are chemicals and methods available to a professional concrete cleaning crew that can get just about anything up and eradicated from concrete. The majority of these chemicals are not available to the homeowner and so you will always be spending your money on solvents that just don’t quite do the trick. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? But, in reality, do you really want to store those giant containers and barrels of chemicals? Do you want to pay the price that professionals pay for products that really work? Do you want to be the one to don your lab coat and mix and stir and apply what is needed to accomplish the almost impossible?

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing slate stairsThe concrete is cleaned in sections, and then each section is hosed down till all the dirt has been removed. Then the technician moves on to the next section, and so on, until the entire area is done. After all the rinsing is completed, our concrete cleaning teams spray a mildewcide to kill all remaining mold and mildew spores. This is allowed to dry and your job is complete. Spraying to kill mold and mildew spores keeps your concrete cleaner and for far longer.

Normally, your concrete can be cleaned simply with the use of water and the spray to kill the mold and mildew spores, but if a tough stain is found, then our professionals use commercial grade cleaners to attack and treat the stain. Stains can go deep into concrete, so professional chemicals are formulated to reach deeper than most household cleaners are capable of.

Since professional equipment can cover large amounts of concrete rather quickly, you might also want to consider having any sidewalks that edge your property cleaned. The curb edge that can get so marked up from tires rubbing against it will also look so much better if it also cleaned. Once your driveway has been cleaned, the dirty sidewalk and curb will look glaringly dirty, so ask your power washing service professional to clean those also. If you are trying to sell your home, this is a sure-fire way to add monetary value to your sales price. Some people feel that it can add several thousand dollars to your bottom line!

There’s one more reason to get all of your concrete cleaned professionally. Yes, there’s a lot of dirt on concrete, but where concrete is shaded, you are also going to encounter mold and mildew. 

These black stains don’t just stay on your concrete, the spores get tracked into your home and can get embedded into your carpets, rugs and even wooden floors. Consider that many times, you are walking around barefoot, plus, you’re breathing those spores that get kicked up by your feet and circulated into the air. Mold and mildew are extremely unhealthy and you don’t want those spores moving throughout your home, taking up residence and growing. Stop the invasion of your home by keeping your walkways, patios, driveway and even sidewalks clean. 

Our concrete cleaning professional teams offer free estimates and as an added bonus, we’re the best pressure washing professionals in your area. We’re also known for our customer service and are happy to answer any questions that you might have. Feel free to give us a call to find out how quickly your dirty and stained concrete can be back to looking its best. Give us a call today. There’s no obligation and you can find out that getting your concrete cleaned professionally is so much more affordable than you can imagine. Call today.

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