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When you think of window cleaning you probably think of two things. The first is what window cleaning is like when you do it, and secondly, what a window cleaning service like ours does when we do it.

DIY Window Cleaning

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing windowsWhen you do it, you are constantly running inside and outside, and wiping and polishing streaks. Just when you think you have it all done, the sun changes and you see more streaks: LOTS more streaks!

Then, you are also climbing ladders, balancing on chairs for high windows and cursing the windows that are on the second floor that you can’t clean on the outside easily. Add in giant windows or window walls and patio doors and the whole idea is exhausting…and all you are doing right now is just thinking about it!

Another Option for Window Cleaning

When you think of a window cleaning service you might think of a guy with a squeegee and a bucket of soapy water. Yes, he has ladders and is actually pretty steady on them, and he has extendable squeegees that can reach higher windows. All in all, his method is so much better than the nightmare that you personally remember from yesteryear. But, his method has drawbacks also.

The Very Best Way to Clean Windows

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing windowsYou need to know that there is another way to clean your windows, glass walls and patio doors. Power washing. There are several ways to use pressure washing equipment to thoroughly and quickly wash all sizes and types of glass and windows. First though, you need to know that this power washing is done at a very low psi (pounds per square inch). It is not a high pressure that will force water inside your home and strip paint from your wooden sills. It’s a gentle pressure that with or without a gentle soap solution will wash your windows, sills, ledges (and yes screens!) free of all dirt and grime. With big swaths of gentle water, all the dirt will be washed away all around the window!

If our technician has used a gentle soap solution, he will also rinse the windows thoroughly. If your local water has a lot of minerals in it, we bring our own softened and filtered water in tanks on our trucks. We use this pure water to give you a sparkling, spot free result without even using a squeegee! Literally, your windows can air dry without one spot or streak.

The Benefits of Our Equipment

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing windowsBecause of the far reaching but gentle pressure of our power washing machines, not only can our technicians clean very high windows without ladders, they can eliminate the wiping and cloths that can often leave hard to remove streaks behind. Ladders are not only unsafe, but they can take time to set up and move. This adds to the length of time that your job will take, and you’ll pay for that added time. Two and even three-story homes can all be done with feet flat on the ground and with the pressure washing equipment being adjusted to reach those higher levels – all without high pressure that forces water inside your home.

So, when you’re considering getting your windows cleaned, think of contacting our pressure washing company that cleans windows with gentle but highly effective power equipment. The result is sparkling, the time is faster, the benefits of having sills and ledges and screens cleaned at the same time is an incredible bonus, and the whole process is faster and costs less.

Package Pricing

While you are at it, ask our technicians about package deals. Our pressure washing service providers can give you special pricing if you do windows plus your driveway. Or, how about special pricing for washing the outside of your home at the same time that they do all of your windows for a reduced price? And don’t forget that they can also wash that mildew stained roof and even around your pool deck before or after they have finished your windows. Package pricing makes sense and once you know about it, you’ll want to take advantage of it.

We Are Eco Friendly Window Cleaners. We Recycle!

We not only bring our own pure water to your job; we also have vacuums to suck up the water that was used while cleaning your home’s many surfaces. Not only does this allow your property to dry faster and all without the dirt in the water being left behind, we also have tanks that filter that used water for further use. This is a great system that removes the dirty water from your property and conserves water at the same time.

We’re A Helpful Pressure Washing Team

There are so many ways we can beautify and help preserve your greatest asset: your home. A power washing window cleaning service is just one way that improves your outlook and the appearance of your home.

We welcome questions. Our power washing company is well-known not only for our expertise and vast experience but for our customer service. We are famous for taking the time to assure you of our procedures and we are happy to supply you with testimonials that express just how great our work is, and just how pleased you’ll be with your result.

Give us a call today. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have – plus giving you a no obligation, free estimate for our window cleaning services.

External Window Cleaning

Cleaning the outside of your windows can be tricky. Especially if you have to climb a ladder, which could be dangerous.

We’re able to quickly and efficiently wash away dirt and grime from your windows on the outside. We generally don’t go inside, since most of our work is on exterior structures, and we don’t want to make a mess in your home or business.

We Pressure Clean the Following Surfaces

Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panels

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