Commercial Window Pressure Cleaning

As a business owner, you are well aware that clean windows can make a difference not only in people being able to see in or out of your premises, but it can also affect how successful they perceive your business to be.

If you have attempted to clean your own business windows or have given the job to one of your employees and the results are less than business-like, then consider calling in a professional.

Different Kinds of Windows

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing commercial buildings
Your business may have fixed window that do not open in any way. Some windows may have a section that does open for ventilation. Other windows are full wall windows, while others have tiny panes from over a century ago. Other glass that your building may have are large glass doors and possibly a movable glass section above the door for ventilation.

In other words, there is all kinds of glass, and some of it also opens. Now, for those of you with glass that opens, you may be thinking that pressure washing can be so forceful that under intense pressure it will enter the building. We are here to assure you that will not happen.

Our Method

When we pressure wash windows of commercial buildings, we use a much softer pressure to do so. Whether we are applying a soft wash of a cleansing soap, or doing a final rinse, the pressure is so gentle – yet effective – that no water is forced into the interior of the building.

We also have been known to bring our own softened water so that no wiping or squeegees are needed. Pure, softened water glides down the window and dries spot and streak-free.

Our Equipment and Expertise in Pressure Cleaning Windows

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing commercial buildingsWe have cleaned one-story building windows and multi-story building windows. We can reach all windows due to our long hoses, extendable cleaning and rinsing wands and mobile lifts that can get us much higher than any scaffolding or ladders.

All our technicians are thoroughly trained, work in teams and have years of on-the-job experience. You can be assured that no matter how big the window, how delicate the glass or how ornate the panes might be, that your windows will be thoroughly clean and without a spot or streak.

We Can Recycle

On big commercial jobs we can go through a lot of water. There are many times that we use special hoses to suck up the used water and deposit it in one of our tanks. When the water goes into the tank, it goes through a special filter so that the water can be re-used.

Removing large amounts of water from your property not only allows your property to dry faster, but it disposes of the dirt that was on the windows as well.

Package Pricing

Mr. Dirt Blaster pressure washing commercial buildingsYes, we can just clean all your business windows, but we can also clean the exterior of your building, as well as your sidewalk and even your parking lot. For those of you with restaurants, we can clean outdoor dining patios and we have also pressure washed bathroom and kitchen walls and flooring with hot water pressure.

Be sure and ask what package pricing could apply to your particular business. Once you have seen just how clean your windows can get, you’ll want a lot more of your business asset to be clean also.

Call Us Today for Your Commercial Window Pressure Cleaning

We have extensive experience in cleaning the windows and exteriors of many types of business buildings, from hospitals and parking garages to boutiques and insurance companies.

Call us today to find out how quickly and affordably we can power wash your windows and other surfaces. We can start and finish your job in just a matter of hours and can arrange special cleaning times to not impede your business.

Call us today for a no-obligation quote and to answer any questions that you may have.
Our pressure washing technicians can also clean your windows while they are doing all sides of your home. Again, they use low-pressure wands that will not force water inside your home, and this low pressure spray of filtered water leaves a totally clean, as well as spot and streak-free surface.

We Pressure Clean the Following Surfaces

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