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Depending on the source, condition and treatment of your local water, there are all kinds of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and even chlorine that leave behind a hard, white or gray film on your pool tile, waterfalls, fountains and pool deck.

Removing Water Scale in Your Pool

To remove this crusty buildup, you can use harsh chemicals and even pumice stones and lots and lots of elbow grease, but the results that you get for all the back-breaking labor are most often disappointing. Most people who go this route can tell you that the money you save is simply not worth the time and labor and mess that you go through with this method.

Chemicals and acids are often not safe for the uninitiated to use and they certainly are not bio-friendly. If used on the water line tile in your pool, you will have to wait hours or days for the toxins to filter out before swimming. If you use a pumice stone, you risk scratching your tile, and as you scrub, the pumice stone disintegrates and falls to the bottom of your pool. Cleaning the pumice granules up from the bottom of your pool can be a time-consuming mess. Yes, you want clean, sparkling pool tile, waterfalls and fountains – but without the toxins, labor and messy particles.

Don’t Let Your Horizon Pool Be Ruined

Horizon pools are stunning! But, once pool water has been flowing over that edge for a while, the wall below usually gets covered in mineral buildup and starts looking dirty. Whether the wall is rock, tile or a block wall, the buildup from the overflowing water needs attention and complete removal.

Rock waterfalls and large or small fountains have the same problem. Fountains or waterfalls get so much buildup they can look like white or gray paint due to the rocks and surfaces absorbing chemicals and minerals from your local water. How do you clean all this scale and residue without toxic chemicals? This is certainly not a project that you want to attempt with a pumice stone!

Your pool decking is also subject to splashed water that dries in the sun, causing crusts and film of minerals and pool chemicals to spoil the look of and even degrade the decking. This consistently damp area can also form mold and mildew causing black stains to grow. Mixed with hardened scale buildup, this can be quite a project to remove – unless you are a professional!

Flowing Water is Enjoyable

While flowing and sparkling water is one of the most serene and pleasurable visions, the buildup that is left behind detracts from that pure beauty. Not only will your pool water be cleaner, your fountains sparkle more and their pumps function more smoothly, all the surfaces that any of your outdoor water touches will last longer if kept clean and clear of mineral buildup.

Some of our power washing companies are offering glass bead blasting which are tiny glass beads that are applied by a low air pressure stream. This easily and yet gently removes calcium deposits without damaging your tile, rock or Pebble Tec surfaces.

Glass beads are created from soda-lime-type glass and is lead-free. There is no free silica and the shape is just like it sounds: tiny ball-shaped beads. Not only does this process remove calcium and mineral buildup, but it also removes embedded algae and cleans and brightens tile grout. This shape reveals a bright, smooth, satiny surface as it cleans and these beads are easily vacuumed out of the water and reused up to thirty times. No chemicals and environmentally safe, glass bead blasting is a fast way to remove unsightly mineral deposits from your outdoor water features.

Harsh Chemicals Are Unnecessary

Your pool deck and adjacent patio all suffer from water that has dried and left a residue. Whether our power washing service companies use a low pressure wide nozzle wand or a big surface cleaner, they can make short work of removing tough scale and mineral buildup from wood, concrete , brick or tile decking and patios. Seldom do our technicians have to use harsh chemicals or acids. Mostly, gleaming and clean surfaces are achieved with our commercial grade equipment and the know-how of the professional. If however, there is a deep stain, special solvents and cleaners can be applied to make sure that the final results are even and as clean as the rest of the area.

Your home is your biggest asset. If you are trying to sell your home, keeping all of your water features residue free is going to increase your sales price and the likelihood of a fast sale. Realtors know that if a house, its property and water features are all clean and mold/mildew free that the asking price can be increased 5- 10%.
If you are not selling, but just wanting more enjoyment from your pool, fountains and patio areas, then having one of our trained and experienced pressure washing service providers keep the area sparkling is a way to preserve your asset and increase your personal enjoyment of your property.

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