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Low pressure washing or softwashing

Pressure Washing Siding, Stucco, Concrete

Our power washing service providers will clean any residential or commercial exterior painted surface that you have: siding, stucco, concrete and wooden doors and windows. They only use specially formulated, safe cleaning chemicals, plus low pressure nozzles – pressure that resembles what comes out of a sprinkler system, or the safe and low pressure washing that you can achieve when you put your thumb over the end of a garden hose.

No Damage Pressure Washing

There is no risk of damaging any painted surface with lower pressure. Our pressure washing service providers do not use high power nozzles that can only clean a few inches at a time. The cleaning spray nozzle they use sprays a large width and distance – even reaching into gutters, onto second story soffits and even as high as chimneys – all from the ground. It is not a high pressure nozzle that relies on powering off dirt, mold or mildew through a small tip. The nozzle is a gentle, low pressure applicator of specialized chemicals that actually loosens debris and dirt, and kills mold and mildew spores so that they can be gently rinsed away. This perfect pressure’s reach precludes the need for ladders.

The setting up and moving of ladders can make all jobs take ten times as long (which also increases your cost!), and too often can result in damage to the structure as well as the higher possibility of people falling and getting hurt. Holding onto a high pressure nozzle wand attached to a long water hose with one hand, while holding onto and climbing a ladder with the other hand is a recipe for disaster! Ladders themselves can damage siding, scratch paint, break windows and cause falls. Our pressure washing service providers keep prices and time down – all without the use of ladders.

High Power Nozzle for Power Washing business

A nozzle of a high pressure wand relies on the tip of the nozzle being close to the surface to power clean. The reach of a person on a ladder is limited in range and requires precision handling to clean just a few inches at a time. If the power washer nozzle remains in one place too long, it can literally indent a surface and peel paint off in big chips. The high power nozzle has to move slowly and precisely all while moving up or down on a ladder with one hand. Handymen are not professionals in the power washing business. They might possess a pressure washing machine, but they do not have the day in and day out experience, commercial tools or solvents to do big jobs correctly. Their inexperience can cost you in time and money.

If the use of ladders is not bad enough, in addition, water under high pressure can easily get under and behind your siding. This can loosen siding as well as cause the growth of mold and mildew behind your siding! That high pressure water can also easily get inside your windows and doors which causes water damage to the possessions and flooring inside your home. If you hire someone like your landscaper, your painter or handyman who has a pressure washer, the job will take longer, involve ladders, be dangerous, cause damage and cost you more – and all without killing the ugly green and black mold or mildew!

High Pressure Alone Doesn’t Kill Mold And Mildew

You need to know this fact: high pressure doesn’t kill mold or mildew! Yes, you may be able to rinse or power some of it away but the mold and mildew will actually come back more quickly as the live spores have been dispersed by the high pressure. These live spores hide in cracks and crevices and continue to grow and spread. Why pay someone for hours and hours of work, risk damaging your painted surfaces and wooden window and door frames, and have the mold grow right back?

High pressure also peels paint off of wooden window frames and doorways as well as peeling it off your painted home, and this leave marks and even indentations where the tip of the power washer has passed back and forth in softened or damaged wood. A high pressure washing takes longer as it is cleaning only a small area at a time, damages paint and softer surfaces and actually does not kill mold and mildew at all.

Power Washing Parking Lots

The years of experience that our house washing companies have in the industry have shown that mold and mildew as well as dirt need more than just pure pressure for clean, damage-free results. Special chemicals and soaps have been developed to kill the mold and mildew allowing dirt, discoloration and all mold and mildew spores to be killed and to be rinsed away. Each successive pass of the low pressure washer puts on more of this highly effective cleaning chemical as well as rinsing off the dirt, dead mold and mildew. The coat of the special chemical solution, when allowed to sit on the building’s surface, literally kills the mold and mildew spores! Each subsequent low pressure application washes off more and more dead spores, revealing a cleaner surface with each pass of the low pressure nozzle’s spray.

Pressure Washing Surfaces of the house

With a lot of mold and mildew it is common to apply about three coats of the chemical to completely kill and rinse away all the discoloration. Each coat is allowed to sit on the surface for 3-10 minutes, depending on the severity of the situation. A technician can quickly and easily apply this solution to one whole side of a house and then move on to apply it to a second side. The technician can then go back to the first side, and in applying a second coat of the cleaning chemical, they are also washing away the first layer of dead mold and mildew spores. Now they can go back to the second side of the house and apply a second coat there also. 

As you can see, a house can be done quickly and easily! Once all surfaces have been completely cleaned, a final rinse with fresh water removes all the chemical and the very last of the dead mold and mildew spores – all without high pressure damage to the surface, windows and doors. High pressure washing can take hours, with the added damage and mess of water being forced into windows, doors and behind siding. Low pressure washing is achieved in large swaths and, depending on the size of the house or building, can take minutes, rather than hours.

Low Pressure Cleaning

All of the applications as well as the rinsing are done with low pressure. This prevents damage to painted surfaces, all while cleaning windows and doors and preventing water from getting inside your building. The same chemical that cleans the siding cleans the windows as well as the gutters and soffits. It is the same cleaner that our power washing service providers use for concrete as well as stucco; any painted home or building surface.

Keeping your home or commercial property pressure washed every few years will actually keep all the painted surfaces in better condition. Mold and mildew retain moisture which rot your wooden window and door frames and eventually invade the painted surface of stucco, concrete or siding. While you think that you are saving money and time by not having your painted exterior surfaces cleaned regularly, the mold and mildew are rotting your wood and degrading your paint much faster when it is allowed to sit for years. Having your painted home or commercial property low pressure cleaned can actually keep you from having to pay the high cost of frequent repainting plus the replacement of rotted window and door frames; time consuming and expensive propositions!

Pressure Washing Commercial Windows

Our low power washing service providers are skilled and experienced. They have learned over the years that it does not take damaging pressure to power off mold, mildew and dirt, but rather a safe cleaning chemical that can be gently sprayed on which eliminates water and high pressure damage. These companies have the commercial grade tools that cover large expanses of your home or commercial building quickly and efficiently. They use low pressure along with specially developed, safe chemicals to thoroughly kill mold and mildew spores and rinse them away along with dirt and dust. No handyman has this equipment or chemicals and can do the job as quickly, safely or inexpensively as our pressure washing service contractors can do it for you. This is a perfect example of when professionalism pays off and saves you money and time.

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