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*When you need a fast solution to remove dirt, mold, mildew, stains, oil, paint, or just plain old grime to make your property look new!
Pressure Washing Driveways
Pressure Washing House Washing
House Washing
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Pressure Washing Soft Washing
Soft Washing
Pressure Washing Stone
Pressure Washing Parking Lots
Parking Lots
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Gazebos & Cabanas
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Pressure Washing Commercial
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About Our Local Pressure Washing Partner in Kentucky

Pressure washing a driveway before and after

You could be in need of a local area pressure washing company in Kentucky, then a local Mr. Dirt Blaster Pressure Washing Partner is your first-class ideal choice. At Mr. Dirt Blaster, we’re intensely focused on providing first rate service.|excellent service.

Whether you’re in need of a driveway pressure washed, your roof cleaned, your walkways pressure washed, or perhaps your fence pressure washed. Or even something more elaborate, like getting a whole house washed, or your commercial property power washed, we have the required automation and crew to get it done.

And it goes without saying that delighted customers are your best source of evidence of what level of service they provide. If you expect first rate quality of service and results, then a local Kentucky Mr. Dirt Blaster Pressure Washing partner is your best and most dependable choice.

We’ve consistently offered best-in-class pressure washing service in Kentuckyfor many years. We have maintained the top level of feedback by satisfied customers in Kentucky. With our local Kentucky Mr. Dirt Blaster Pressure Washing partner, Your pressure washing jobs are in very capable hands.

About Our Dependable Pressure Washing Services In Kentucky

Pressure washing commercial buildings and parking lots

If you won’t settle for anything but unequaled levels of service and quality of product, then a local Kentucky Mr. Dirt Blaster Pressure Washing partner is your finest pressure washing service provider to do the job done professionally and do the job done professionally and meet your needs.

We only approve the best built pressure washing techniques because nothing else will do. There’s only an outside chance that you’d ferret out a quality professional locally. And that’s the reason why you think about a local Kentucky Mr. Dirt Blaster Pressure Washing Partner.

We have been offering excellent residential and commercial pressure washing services right across the nation for two decades.

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For your Home, Office or Residential Apartment Building

When Do You Need to Pressure Wash?  8 Indications

1. Windows & Screens

So thick with dust & grime... Wait - is that a dog on the lawn or a Sasquatch?

2. Mold & Mildew

So much so your house looks like it's wearing "cammo" and you drive by.

3. Roof & Gutters

Moss patches, algae, weeds & seedlings look like bad hair plugs.

4. Deck, Fence, Cabana

Appear to be 20 years old but were installed 2 years ago with new wood.

5. Asphalt or Concrete Driveway

Big oil slick? Just take a sliding run in your sneakers like on the ice rink.

6. Office Building with Graffiti

It's so colorful, you ask your secretary who did the gorgeous paint job.

7. Concrete Patio

You long for the days when it was so white you couldn't see the bird poop.

8. Pool and Decking

The scale on the pool walls look like waves at the ocean, if you squint.

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