Graffiti Removal with Pressure Washing

Graffiti Removal with Pressure Washing

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, graffiti can show up when you least expect it – or want it! Graffiti reduces the value of your home, lessens satisfaction in rental properties and encourages further vandalism if not removed.

Creative Expression or Private Property Defacement

Some people consider it a form of urban art, but statistics show that further abuse and destruction of property occur in areas where graffiti is not removed. It makes sense to preserve the value of your home and property by the quick removal of graffiti by a trained professional who will not further damage the underlying surface that the graffiti is on.

Years ago, getting rid of graffiti meant getting a can of spray paint yourself and hopefully finding the color of paint that was closest to your original background color. Of course, you could never get a color that matched perfectly and if it was brick or unpainted concrete, another patch of spray paint was almost as bad as the graffiti itself. Even today, you can drive and find some places where walls or the sides of buildings have patches of paint that almost, but not quite, match the building or wall’s surface. You can also see these paint patches on street signs and park benches. Thankfully, this archaic and unsatisfactory solution is no longer the norm.

Graffiti is No Longer Permanent

Now, with pressure washing services, graffiti can be blasted away often in a matter of a few minutes. Whether the graffiti is spread out a hundred feet over a concrete bridge or thickly sprayed on glass doors, windows or even roofs, complete removal of all the paint colors is now possible. Technicians are trained in just how to remove graffiti paint and yet not damage the underlying surface, whether it is brick or a painted home siding or even a car or truck.

Power washing services have the right equipment and training. Power washing equipment in untrained hands often makes the situation worse. Not only is not all the paint removed, but too often the underlying surface is crazed, dented and damaged by the wrong psi and usage of the wrong nozzle. In addition, some untrained people use chemicals first, thinking that it is a way to make the subsequent power washing easier. Chemicals are almost never used, or should be used in the removal of graffiti, but thoughtfully used only as a last resort in special cases. Chemicals should be used only if necessary to get much older graffiti paint removed.

Specialized Equipment for Graffiti Removal

Many of our technicians possess equipment that has a range of 2000 psi to 3500 psi in pressure. Inexpensive equipment available in box stores just does not have this pressure capability and if a more expensive model does, it needs to be used with great care to not damage the underlying surface. Many commercial and professional power washing machines also are able to heat the water to 190 degrees which supplies a significantly deeper clean and lessens the need for chemicals in almost every case.

Graffiti can easily and completely be removed from cars and trucks, homes, driveways, commercial buildings, walls and fences, signs, outdoor statues, power poles, roadways, parking lots, restaurants, schools and playground equipment. Any surface that someone could put graffiti on, is a surface that can be thoroughly cleaned with the right power washing equipment, experience and training.

As soon as you become aware of graffiti on your property, be sure to call one of our trained and experienced power washing service providers. The longer graffiti remains on a surface, the longer it takes to remove, and the more difficult it is to remove as well. Fast response and removal is key.

No Water Waste

Many of our pressure washing service providers also are able to reclaim any water that they use in the removal of graffiti, or any other power washing job that they perform on your premises. A heavy-duty vacuum is used to pull all water into a filter tank which removes the largest particles of sediment and dirt. The water is then processed through five more consecutive tanks, each with smaller and smaller micron filters until the resulting water is clean and is returned to the provider’s fresh water tank for reuse on other projects.

You don’t have to put up with unsightly graffiti any longer. There is now a fast and effective way of completely removing graffiti from any surface, and all without damage to your property. Call us today to find out just how affordable the complete and fast removal of graffiti can be. We welcome your questions and look forward to the opportunity to restore the value and beauty to your property through our pressure washing graffiti removal service providers. Call us today for prompt, affordable and qualified service.

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