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Driveways take up quite a bit of territory. Wider than a car and often twice as long, or much longer than that, driveways are big. Do you also have a back walkway as well as a front walkway? Do they join the driveway or even meander to another location?

Now, add in the vision of a dirty driveway and walkways. Ever seen a drive with oil stains? How about not just oil stains – usually located only in the area where a car is parked – but a whole driveway splotched with black mold?

Southern Humid States Know the Deal

For those of you in the humid and warm southern states, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The mold not only covers most of the driveway, but then continues right on up the walkways to the front and back doors. Even driveways and paths in more northern climates can get mold and mildew stained with overhanging trees and their damp shadows contributing to the growth.

This mold does not wash away in the rain. It remains throughout snowfalls and the longer it is there, the deeper it goes into your concrete or brick pavers. If you have a lawn or flower beds right by the drive and your walkways, you know that it’s true when I say that muddy dirt and green stains are all along the edge of your paths and driveway.

Improve Curb Appeal with driveway power washing

A driveway with black mold, oil stains, tire marks, mud, grass stains and the drips and drops of kids, pets and projects on your walkways as well – all add up to a really bad impression right near your home.

You may not be the first owner of your home. Maybe you inherited some of those stains and dirt, but if you’re the first owner, try to remember back to the early days, when the driveway had just been poured or laid. It was clean and stain-free. New concrete driveways and walkways look almost blindingly clean and make your grass look greener, your flowers look perkier and your home look well cared for.

So, what does it take to make your driveway and walkways look new again? Pressure washing. Now, before visions of a DIY project starts to dance in your head, let me completely disavow you of trying to do this cleanup job all by yourself with a hose and brush, or with a power washing wand that sprays in a one-inch width. Take a look at the size of your driveway and pathways and then try to imagine just how long it will take you – traveling about one-inch at a time.

A Poorly Done Wash Is Even Worse

If you’ve ever used one of those pressure washing wands you’re totally familiar with not only how slowly they work, but the wavy, rippled look that they leave behind. If you don’t overlap what you’ve just cleaned, it literally leaves a line of dirt/mold/stains that have not been powered off. So, in reality, you really only make progress at about half an inch at a time!

Our pressure washing service providers use a large, round surface cleaner that is a little over two feet in diameter. We’re talking over twenty-four inches, not half an inch! This surface power washer is a commercial grade machine that cleans deeper and more thoroughly than any power washing wand out there!

Much like a giant floor polisher, this surface pressure washing machine floats on a thin surface of water and underneath, with revolving water wands spinning at 300 psi, your driveway and walkways can be finished in no time at all. The other great thing about this professional surface cleaner is that it does not spray dirty water everywhere. The powered water is contained under the large disc and once a certain amount of surface has been cleaned, the dirty water is hosed away.

Mr Clean Clean Clean

What you’ve got left are super clean pathways and a driveway that has had the oil and mildew stains deep cleaned and further eradicated by mildewcide. After all the dirt is gone, our pressure washing service providers spray a light mist of mold and mildew killer and preventative. This final application will keep your driveway cleaner for much longer.

Rather than taking days, your driveway and walkways can be totally cleaned and protected in a couple of hours – or less! No purchasing of equipment, no soaps of solvents to figure out, no agonizingly slow cleaning progress, no wet feet and splashed dirty water.

Call today for a driveway power washing

Our power washing service team makes it easy. We can come out and give you a free, no obligation estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take us. We can answer any questions that you’ve got and if you’re thinking of having anything else pressure washed, we can quote you some package prices that will have you wondering why you never thought of a professional pressure washing service before!

Call today. Find out just how quick and easy it can be for your driveway and walkways to look like new. Give us a call for your free quote.

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