About Mr. Dirt Blaster

Mr. Dirt Blaster is a National Power Cleaning Brand.

We are 100% dedicated to delivering quality business to local power/pressure cleaning companies who are our Exclusive Territory partners.

Our Local Partners enjoy saving up to 90% off the industry average cost of new business acquisition.

Mr. Dirt BlasterNationwide, there are over 27,500 businesses offering power cleaning services. However, only 20% of those get 80% of the business. And the top 1% get 50% of that 80%.

Because all territories are exclusive, less than 5% of power cleaning companies nationwide can become our local partner. Fill in the form for more information. It may be your last chance.

Because either you’re part of the top 20% or 5% market share “owners” or you’ll be forced to keep undercutting your prices and fight for the scraps.

Mr Dirt Blaster was created by Don Plenter and Tracy Thomas. It’s their 9th national brand since 2016. To learn more about their track record, see their Portfolio & Testimonials page.

With extreme focus on delivering results and forming long term partnerships with quality local businesses, they’ve been able to assist many struggling local business owners to literally turn their lives around, not just by helping them to get more business, but to dominate their respective markets. Because when you’re in business, you’re either growing or slowly dying. There’s nothing in the middle.

Of course, if you are a top market share “owner” now, then becoming a local brand partner could make you practically invincible.

If you don’t become a local partner, then you’ll likely lose your control position – and market share.

By leveraging this unprecedented opportunity, fast-acting small business owners are able to achieve, with just a tiny budget, what the largest competitors (controlling the market share) can only achieve – with a huge monthly spend.

If you are the owner of a cleaning business which includes power or pressure washing services, as a main line, and would like more information, please complete the form above. You’ll also have access to our calendar to book a consultation, at your convenience. We’ll answer your questions and ask about your business plans, and if we’re a good “fit” – and if your service area is still available – we’ll offer you a local partnership.

Mr. Dirt Blaster Local Partner Territory Availability

Currently, Texas, Arizona and Illinois are open for territory claim by prospective local partners. More states will open quickly, so if you have a business in a state that is not open yet, please complete the form and we’ll keep you posted.

We respond to inquiries in the order received, and territories are also allocated based on where you stand in line from the point of first contact.

For more information about requirements and about becoming a local partner, please see the Overview Page.

Hope to see you aboard!

Don & Tracy

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