About Mr. Dirt Blaster

Mr. Dirt Blaster is a National Power Cleaning Brand.

We are 100% dedicated to delivering quality business to local power/pressure cleaning companies who are our Exclusive Territory partners.

Our Local Partners enjoy saving up to 90% off the industry average cost of new business acquisition.

Nationwide, there are over 27,500 businesses offering power cleaning services. However, only 20% of those get 80% of the business. And the top 1% get 50% of that 80%.

Because all territories are exclusive, less than 5% of power cleaning companies nationwide can become our local partner. Fill in the form for more information. It may be your last chance.

Because either you’re part of the top 20% or 5% market share “owners” or you’ll be forced to keep undercutting your prices and fight for the scraps.

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